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Includes Music-Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering.

Our expert staff will guide and supervise you through the production process step by step - getting the best out of your recordings and finalising your audio production while transferring your musical vision into reality.

Our 2 recording Studios are in Offenbach am Main (Hessen) and Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg).

Mixing is a deciding element when it comes to a release in  professional music.

YELLAH! Studios, with its award winning services, are specialized in giving your song the perfect energy and colour for a fat, wide recognisable mix.

You can attend the mixing session with our live-stream module in realtime; from anywhere in the world.

Convince yourself of the world-class quality by listening to our work.

We want you to have the best possible sounding peace of art in your hands.

Therefore we do everything humanly and technically possible to achive a wide, clear, loud and yet dynamic sound by using a hybrid of high-end analogue and digital gear.

We show you how to release  music as an independent Artist on itunes, Spotify, Deezer etc.

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Niels Nilsson and his team love to work with newcomer artists of all genres in popmusic-culture - including music influenced by Urban-, Soul-, Funk-, Singer/Songwriter- and Trap-music.

Their work brought high chart entries to their clients and has been certified gold and platinum status.

The YELLAH! staff has worked for German and International Artists like Bosse, LEA, Selina Mour, Kelvyn Colt, Vanessa Mai, Dean Lewis or Milow. Reaching over 400+ productions for major and independent artists - still reaching out to create the very best with every new project.

For international artists, YELLAH! Studios offer Mixing and Mastering Services that can be attended via live streaming from anywhere in the world.

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YELLAH! Studios is the recording studio I trust. Regardless of whether it's a production including recording, or just mixing and mastering - a smile and head nodding when listening to the results is always guaranteed. THANKS for the great sound of my songs and your reliability!


I've had many disappointing experiences with mixing and mastering in the past. Mixing is about understanding the artist's vision and finalizing his intention in a professional way. I am happy to call YELLAH! Studios a partner that not only understands me as an artist but also has the ability to convert the idea and emotion behind my art into a release-ready song.


I am absolutely thrilled with YELLAH! Studios work and glad to come back for every new project. My songs sound absolutely fabulous and I am inspired by Niels' work. World-class Service, Mixing & Mastering.